Trip Idea: ATVing in Papineau-Cameron Township

ATV trails range from relatively smooth and wide gravel roads, to the most technical rock filled, mud clogged trails you can think of.

Trip Idea: Cross Country Skiing

15km’s of track set Cross Country ski trails wind through over 400 acres of mixed forest in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains.

Trip Idea: Equestrian Riding Lessons

A trail ride is one of the most relaxing ways to experience the region’s trails at any time of year, no roar of an engine or aching muscles, just the sounds of hooves, the breeze in the trees, and all the other wonderful music of nature that come with this wilderness setting.

Trip Idea: Explore the Eau Claire Gorge

The Eau Claire Gorge is truly one of the scenic gems, making for a memorable hike or snowshoe outing.

Trip Idea: Exploring the Mattawa River

Even today the Mattawa River is best travelled by canoe, the same way it has been travelled by First Nations for hundreds of years.

Trip Idea: Exploring the Ottawa River

The Kichisipi or ‘Great River’ as it was referred to by the Algonquin People is today known as a recreational playground for canoeists, sea kayakers, boaters and fisherman.

Trip Idea: Fishing

If you are feeling really adventurous get your hands on a local stocking list and seek out some of the best Brook Trout lakes in the province.

Trip Idea: Ride the RAP Tour

Arguably Ontario’s most beloved snowmobile tour, the RAP really does have it all!

Trip Idea: Snowmobiling in Voyageur Country

Papineau-Cameron Township is home to hundreds of kilometres of world class groomed snowmobile trails.