SCHEDULE  ”A” for By-Law 2022-18  –  Fees and Charges for Municipal Services

2006-01 – Property Standards

2023-04 – Being a By-Law to Control Noise (this by-law repeals by-law 99-15)

2017-03   Being a By-law To Govern The Calling of Meetings, The Procedures For The Giving of Public Notice, The Procedures for Accountability and Transparency, And The Code of Conduct of Its Members

2019-14  Being a By-Law To Provide For The Payment of Remuneration to The Members of The Council and The Payment of Expenses Incurred By Members of Council While Carrying Out Their Duties

2009-17   Regulating of Dogs By-law

2009-16   Large Animal By-law

2016-019   Prohibited Animals

2018-04   Road Classifications


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