2018 Garbage & Recycling Schedule

2018 Garbage & Recycling Schedule – Neault Road

2017 Garbage/Recycling Schedule *REVISED*

2017 Garbage Schedule – End of Neault Road

•  Garbage and recycling must be placed at your curbside by 7:00am on collection day.
•  Garbage bags must be see through.
•  The Mattawa Landfill site (located at 1161 Richards Road) is open every Saturday from 9:00am to 12:00 noon.  Please click here for the fee schedule.

Three separate containers are required for recycling.
Bin #1:  Metals and Plastics•  Metal Cans
•  Soft drink cans
•  Aluminum containers
•  Aluminum foil
•  Plastic bottles, jars and jugs
tubs and tub lids (yogurt, sour cream, hand cleaner, margarine containers)
Plastics with recycling logo #1-7 as per below are the only plastics acceptable for recycling.
Bin #2:  Paper
•  Newspaper and flyers
•  Magazines and catalogues
•  Telephone books
•  Fine paper such as writing paper, computer paper, paper pads, advertising mail
•  Paper gift wrap (no wax type), greeting cards
•  Clean paper shopping bags or paper packaging
Bin #3:  Cardboard
(a container is not necessary for cardboard, it can be bound together)
•   Corrugated cardboard
•  Cereal and cracker boxes (liners removed)
•  Shoe and laundery detergent boxes
•  Paper egg cartons, toilet paper and paper towl rolls
•  Frozen dinner boxes